The Canopy Method

Leadership is hard. This is obvious.
What’s not obvious is: How do you become a better leader?

We’ve been stewing on this question, “How do you become a better leader?” for over a decade. We collected data from over 30,000 people across 25 countries, interviewed hundreds of managers and employees, and distilled 50 years worth of management studies in search of an answer.

From our research, we observed that the best managers are exceptional at three skills:

  1. Trust: If you don’t build rapport as a leader, nothing moves forward.
  2. Honesty: If you don’t speak the truth to your team, problems fester.
  3. Context: If you don’t get everyone on the same page, confusion sets in.
  4. Self-Management: Without regulating your emotions, frustration reigns.

Merging theory with practice

You don’t become a better leader by purely only reading management books. You must apply what you’ve learned, talk about with peers what’s working and not, and understand what other leaders in other companies have done.

Canopy combines theory with practice. We created 2 complementary products that you can use to become a better leader:


To support your continuous growth as a leader, we’ve created our leadership improvement app, Canopy. For empathetic, practical leaders in fast-moving work environments Canopy gives you personalized bite-sized insights to level-up in a few minutes each day — plus meaningful live learning experiences to dive deeper, when you need to. Light on time, heavy on insight.

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Canopy Perform

To apply leadership best practices to your own team, we give you software tools that automate and simplify techniques for enabling strong team performance and strengthening your culture. From one-on-one meetings to introducing new employees to getting honest feedback, technology can save you time and energy.

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We believe it’s the combination of these two resources — Canopy and Canopy Perform — that focuses on helping the four skills of Trust, Honesty, Context, and Self-Management which helps you truly become a better leader. We refuse to slap on software, and say it’ll solve everything. Nor do we just tell you to “attend our events,” and call it a day. We’re excited for you to use all our resources, to develop these three skills, as you need them.

Ready to put the Canopy method to work for you?

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