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Managing a global team.

Strategies on how to engage a team that is located all around the world.

I need to demote a team member.

Tactics on how to communicate a demotion.

My team member is taking too long on tasks.

Addressing a team member's poor time management.

Understanding my team’s culture.

Prompts + questions to get to the heart of how your team truly feels.

My team is focused on the ‘wrong’ things.

Tactics to help realign + focus your team on what's most important for our success.

I have an overly negative team member.

Strategies on how to effectively address a negative team member.

My team member can be controlling.

Tactics on how to engage well with a controlling team member, so that their behavior changes.

Addressing my team member’s tone.

Learn how to align our external facing team members with the company ‘voice.’

How to make empathy a team expectation.

Tactics and practices to implement empathy as a team expectation.

Skip level meetings in an early stage start-up.

Learn how to effectively communicate the power of skip level meeting in a small organization.

I set expectations for my team… now what?

Tactics to help hold your team members accountable to the expectations set.

My team experiences a lot of imposter syndrome.

Tactics to help navigate + address feelings of imposter syndrome on your team.

And many more…

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Allison Wasilewski, Director of Operations at Arrival Artists

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