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Below are some examples of issues that our AI Assistant has helped leaders with...

How do I handle an employee with low morale?

Exactly how to share meaningful feedback and invite commitment from them to change their behavior.

What should I ask in 1:1 meeting?

The best focus areas and specific questions to ask to a direct report.

How should I approach deadlines with my team?

Tactics for creating an environment that fosters motivation and accountability without adding undue pressure.

How do I give constructive feedback to a high-performing employee?

A framework and recommendations on sharing helpful feedback with an employee who is already performing well.

How to prioritize my time and thinking?

When moving from many meetings and contexts, how to best spend time and carve out priorities as a leader.

How to give feedback upward?

An approach for giving feedback to your supervisor, especially when the feedback is sensitive.

I’m a brand new manager, where should I start?

Recommendations on learning materials, approach, and initial frameworks to consider as a new leader.

How to do I give this specific feedback to a direct report?

Advice on phrasing your feedback, based on your specific context and situation.

And many more…

“I am stunned by what I learn.”

Allison Wasilewski, Director of Operations at Arrival Artists

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