Building Greater Confidence as a Leader

46 mins

What we covered

You'll be the first to admit:  As a leader, you're not sure if you're always doing a great job. That's okay. It's natural to feel knocked down, depleted, or even imposter syndrome. The important thing is figure out how to overcome the feeling that you're "failing" as a leader and regain your confidence.

In this 45 minute session, our CEO Claire Lew will share the framework on building greater confidence as a leader – based on a methodology developed over the past decade working with 30,000+ people.

You'll walk away with answers to the following:
  • What should I do when I feel like I'm "failing" as a leader?
  • How do I gain confidence when I'm entering "new territory" and facing complex issues?
  • How do I gain confidence when things are changing rapidly + I'm being forced to adapt on the fly?

Meet the speaker

Claire Lew
CEO at Canopy

Claire’s mission in life is to help people become happier at work. She’s been published in Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Inc, CNBC, and Fortune, among others. She speaks internationally on how to create more open honest work environments.

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