How to Lead Well Remotely

  • 4 on-demand lessons
  • Reflection exercises
  • Insights from other leaders globally
  • A cheat sheet summarizing best practices

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  1. The First Mindset Shift Free

    8 mins
    Productivity looks + feels different from an in-person office to a remote team.  Time applied does not equal progress made. Being present does not mean more work is getting done...
  2. The Second Mindset Shift Free

    9 mins
    Communication is even harder in a remote environment. We need to encourage our team that: Explicit, written communication is essential.  To encourage our teams to write more, w...
  3. The Third Mindset Shift Free

    10 mins
    Loneliness is real: 20% of remote workers said that loneliness was the biggest downside of remote work. That’s what makes building trust + rapport so essential.  To actually bu...
  4. Expected Challenges + Addressing Them Free

    9 mins
    Remember to be remote first. Productivity = More writing, fewer meetings.  Explicit, written communication is essential.  Intentionally build trust + rapport with more personal ...
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About your trainers…

Claire Lew
CEO at Canopy

Claire’s mission in life is to help people become happier at work. She’s been published in Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Inc, CNBC, and Fortune, among others. She speaks internationally on how to create more open honest work environments.

Jenny Nichols
Leadership Trainer and Coach at Canopy

Jenny has a clear vision for the future: No more bad bosses. She has 10+ years in leadership development, and is pursuing her Ph.D. so she can better align data and research to leadership practices. She works with leaders to help them thrive.

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