Foundations of Leadership

  • 5 on-demand lessons
  • Reflection exercises
  • Insights from other leaders globally
  • A cheat sheet summarizing best practices

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  1. Worst Boss Free

    8 mins
    Consider the worst boss you’ve had? What made them the worst? How can we be sure that we aren’t someone’s worst boss? Focus on ‘great’ leadership. A great leader is someone who...
  2. Trust + Golden Rule Free

    12 mins
    What have you done in the past to build trust on your team? Team building/retreatsThanking our team members for their workBeing transparentWhile these are good things, KYT found...
  3. Time + Vision Free

    9 mins
    What do you spend the most time on as a manager? Administrative tasks, communicating direction, executing project work, fostering long-term culture + vision, gathering + checkin...
  4. Nice + Problems Free

    9 mins
    Being nice is good, right? How often do you think ‘I’m just trying to be nice’? This backfires! FeedbackWe wait to give feedback because they just received some hard feedback r...
  5. Moving Forward Free

    3 mins
    Change our default assumption that leadership requires a change in what we do. It actually requires a change in how we think.  What makes us a successful leader is different fro...
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About your trainers…

Claire Lew
CEO at Canopy

Claire’s mission in life is to help people become happier at work. She’s been published in Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Inc, CNBC, and Fortune, among others. She speaks internationally on how to create more open honest work environments.

Jenny Nichols
Leadership Trainer and Coach at Canopy

Jenny has a clear vision for the future: No more bad bosses. She has 10+ years in leadership development, and is pursuing her Ph.D. so she can better align data and research to leadership practices. She works with leaders to help them thrive.

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