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How to coach when I'm not involved in the day-to-day?

Tactics on how to best coach when you are removed from the daily operations of the team.

My team feels like it doesn't need me.

Understanding how to best support a team of top performers.

My team members needs to think bigger.

Strategies on how to help our team elevate their thinking, and look towards the bigger picture.

Does pushing my team cause burnout?

Addressing the balance between encouraging your team and pushing too hard.

Top performer is too independant.

Tactics on how to encourage your top performer to engage with, and better influence, your team.

Top performer won't try new things.

Strategies to get your top performer to push past their comfort zone to learn and grow.

Mixed feedback from my team and my supervisor.

Understanding what feedback we should prioritize, and what steps to take next.

What's the best use of my time?

Reflections on where we should be spending our time as managers.

I'm exhausted.

Strategies on how to combat your own tiredness and burnout.

Too isolated from my supervisor.

Tactics on how to best engage with a distant or uninvolved supervisor.

Supervisor is (unintentionally) secretive.

Tactics on how to have honest conversations from your supervisor about your role and expectations.

My boss charges ahead without considering bandwidth.

Addressing how to better align with your supervisor, in order to better support your team and their capacity.

And many more…

“I am stunned by what I learn.”

Allison Wasilewski, Director of Operations at Arrival Artists

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