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Build team trust and team rapport as your team grows with fun, light-hearted questions.

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Why Social Questions?

Trust is essential for a high-performing team. Yet, it can always be tough to figure out exactly how to build trust in a team — especially if your team is remote or is growing quickly. One important part of building trust is simply helping people get to know each other in a personal way. That’s exactly what our Social Questions do: We ask periodic questions that help people find surprising connections with one another, and bring everyone closer together.

How our Social Questions work

Once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month, we ask a fun, light-hearted question that helps everyone in your team get to know each other better. For example, one week, we’ll ask, “Who was your favorite band 10 years ago?” or “How do you like your eggs?” We give you 300+ questions to choose from, and the question is delivered via Slack, Microsoft Teams or email. After folks respond, everyone can see each others’ answers (and comment and react to it, too! 💖) It might seem innocuous — but it’s a huge hit in a team, often sparking further conversation over lunch or in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Create common ground

I’ve had leaders who were extremely skeptical about the Social Question, tell me that after using it, two team members who never got along before then bonded over a Social Question (they both learned they loved carpentry!). Because of the Social Question, they started working better together. Whether you’ve got folks who’ve been on your team for just a few weeks or years — with the Social Question, they finally have opportunities to find commonalities, and work better together.

“As a remote team working asynchronously across six countries we found it hard get to know each others personalities. Canopy Perform has filled in lots of blanks.”

Tim Burgess, Director at Shield GEO

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