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Reviews are not for people

Reviews are for books, movies, and restaurants. Reviews are not for people. The concept of “performance reviews” has always felt odd to you. Too sterile, too time-consuming, too one-time reliant, too bloated, too focused on evaluating people rather than supporting and growing your team.

You’re ready for a better way. We’ve created a tool and methodology for creating a culture of honest feedback in your team, so you can enable the highest level of performance in your team…

Introducing our alternative to performance reviews

Instead of fixating on the things that don’t matter in a performance review process (how long should the cycles be, are there drop-downs or multiple choice questions)… We focus on what singularly matters: The Interaction.

Positive and helpful interaction is at the core of effective teamwork and performance. When your team member is willing to tell you, to your face, objectively and kindly, what could be better — that’s when performance improves. High-quality team interactions lead to high team performance.

Here’s how Canopy Perform helps encourage those interactions…

Invitations, not impositions

Imagine you’re at a party (pre-COVID 😉). You’re more likely to feel welcome if you’ve been invited, versus if you show up unannounced. Feedback is the same way: You’re more likely to internalize and welcome feedback when you’ve invited it vs. when it’s imposed on you.

In-the-moment, built-in training

How many times have you gone to go give feedback to someone, but you froze up, unsure of what exactly to say and how to frame it? You’re not alone. With our new Performance Feedback tool, we give you built-in guidance so you know exactly what to write in the moment.

Belonging cues

To enable a culture of feedback and continued performance, a foundation of trust is critical. Through our tool and training, we help you use belonging cues that signal to your team that it’s safe to speak up.

High-frequency routines

Say goodbye to once a year, chaotic frenzies where you spend hours upon hours filling out performance reviews. Instead, receive a gentle nudge every two weeks (via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams) to give feedback to your team members.

“Canopy Perform has been a priceless addition to our company’s communication and management process. Not only does Canopy Perform make our performance reviews and feedback sessions seamless, but the culture questions also add a much-needed human connection to our wholly-remote team.”

Dan Arbello, Development Manager at Chromatic

The result: A culture of feedback & continual improvement

When using our performance review alternative, here’s what you can expect you to start hearing from your team…

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