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Newsletter Issue 9

Interview with Wil Reynolds, Founder of SEER Interactive. - Avoiding Organizational Debt. - How to Be a CEO, From a Decade’s Worth of Them. - Bosses Say They Want Employee Input. Then They Ignore It.

Newsletter Issue 8

Interview with Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision. - 7 Tricky Work Situations, and How to Respond to Them. - McKinsey Quarterly's interview with Tony Hsieh. - Managing More Experienced People.

Newsletter Issue 7

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of Basecamp & Creator of Ruby on Rails - Average Manager vs. Great Manager - How Companies Can Guard Against Fatigue About Gender Equality - 5 Things Every Employee Should Ask Their CEO

Newsletter Issue 6

Interview with Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Copy Hackers - Bored People Quit - Leadership Is Not About Your Good Intentions - Are you the source of workplace dysfunction?

Newsletter Issue 5

Interview with Halleemah Nash, Executive Director of iMentor Chicago - Improving Company Culture Is Not About Providing Free Snacks - The Art Of Delegating To Great People - "Don't Bring Me Problems, Bring Me Solutions"

Newsletter Issue 4

Interview with Des Traynor, Co-founder of Intercom. - Receiving Feedback. - Employee Motivation and Appreciation. - Being Quiet Is Part of Being a Good CEO

Newsletter Issue 3

Interview with Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe. - Why Leaders Who Listen Achieve Breakthroughs. - The ultimate case against shame as a management tactic. - No Time to Be Nice At Work.

Newsletter Issue 2

Interview with John Maeda, Global Head of Design at Automattic. - The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership. - What CEOs Are Reading in 2017. - When Being Painfully Honest Can Be Motivational.

Newsletter Issue 1

Interview with Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp. - How Tech Employees Really Feel About Their Bosses. - It's 2017 and Mental Health is Still an Issue in the Workplace. - Harassment in Tech.