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From The Heartbeat Podcast: Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of Basecamp & Creator of Ruby on Rails

As the Creator of Ruby on Rails and Founder & CTO of Basecamp, David Heinemeier Hanssonshares with me what he wishes he learned earlier as a leader. We chat about empathy, illusions of disagreement, and why best intentions are bullshit.

Transcript of the interview here

Latest leadership reads

Put an End to Your Feedback Loop
“If you’ve ever said the words ‘I’ve gotten this feedback before,’ chances are you’re playing with fire and undermining your own success by failing to address the issue.”Written by Jesse Sostrin, strategy + business

Forming Stronger Bonds with People at Work
“We define compassion as a 4-part experience of noticing someone’s distress or pain, interpreting it as relevant and important, feeling concern for that person or group, and acting to alleviate their pain.”Written by Monica C. Worline, Jane E. Dutton, Ashley E. Hardin, Harvard Business Review

From college dropout to CEO of a billion-dollar company: 3 leadership lessons from the founder of Hootsuite
“Your communication just has to get a lot crisper, clearer, in many ways simpler.”Written by Catherine Clifford, CNBC

How Companies Can Guard Against Fatigue About Gender Equality
“More than one CEO has confided to us, ‘We’re implementing all the best practices, but the numbers aren’t moving fast enough, and I’m worried about maintaining the energy we need to keep going.’”Written by Dominic Barton and Lareina Yee, The Wall Street Journal

Favorite leadership reads

Average Manager vs. Great Manager
“Explained in 10 sketches.”Written and illustrated by Julie Zhou

Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’
“They might be skills, but they’re not soft.”Written by Seth Godin

5 Things Every Employee Should Ask Their CEO
“I realized that knowing what to ask if you are ever presented with the opportunity is incredibly valuable.”Written by Gary Vaynerchuk

Building the civilized workplace
“Executives who are committed to building a civilized workplace don’t just take haphazard action against one jerk at a time; they use a set of integrated work practices to battle the problem.”Written by Robert Sutton, McKinsey Quarterly – adapted from his book The No Asshole Rule

Just for fun

I Believe In You
A nice reminder that John Maeda wrote a few years ago.

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