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Newsletter Issue 54

Every few weeks, I ask one question to a founder, CEO, manager, or business owner I respect…

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The world sure has changed since I shared our last Heartbeat podcast episode in February. But I couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s interview with you…

Matt Davey is the COO at 1Password, one of the world’s leading online security software companies with more than 1 million users and over 50,000 business customers. 1Password is quite unique as a company: They didn’t accept any outside funding for the past 14 years, up until just a few months ago having raised a $200M Series A. I’ve long admired 1Password not only for their incredible product (we’re customers, ourselves), but for their immensely empathetic, customer-focused culture as a remote company with 220+ people all over the world. In our conversation, Matt shares his perspective on what’s enabled 1Password to maintain their “organizational soul” as they’ve grown, and the things they’ve refused to compromise on as a company.

Listen to the podcast and read the transcript of the interview here.

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Resources for new remote managers

These 8 pieces are a good starting place…

Watch: How to Manage a Remote Team Well
We recently held a 60-minute Workshop Live! session on “How to Manage a Remote Team Well” – and made the recording and slides 100% free and open to the public

How to build social connections on a remote team
“According to a survey we ran this past fall with 297 remote managers and employees, “fostering a sense of connection without a shared location” was seen as the #1 most difficult part of being a remote manager.”

How to onboard a new hire remotely
“Here’s exactly what I wrote on Day 1 and the 23 questions I asked as a part of our employee onboarding process as a remote company.”

How to have a good relationship with your boss when you’re working remotely
“What does her Slack message really mean? It’s easy to second-guess yourself when your boss pings you…”

Breaking the (remote) ice: 5 tips for icebreakers in distributed teams
“Our most popular recommendations for team-bonding, regardless of the distance separating your remote employees.”

8 things leaders of remote companies do differently
“What do I need to do as a remote leader to make sure we’re as successful as when we were co-located?”

How to collaborate effectively in a remote team
“Remote work has less to do with the tools and more to do with effective management practice.”

(In case you missed it!) Download: A Guide to Managing Remote Teams – 60+ pages completely for free 
Based on data we collected from 297 remote managers and employees, I wrote 11 chapters of best practices on how to manage a remote team.

What I’ve been reading lately

You can tell what’s been on my mind lately 🙂

Leadership in a crisis: Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges
“What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead.” Written by Gemma D’Auria and Aaron De Smet, McKinsey Quarterly

How a Good Leader Reacts to a Crisis
“The measure of a leader is often tested during a crisis. And those leaders who can engage directly, but still maintain their sense of perspective, are the ones that will help the organization survive.” Written by John Baldoni, Harvard Business Review

Great Leadership in a Time of Crisis
“One way to transcend those inherent limitations is by applying the lessons of those who have come before — and to hope that the performances of the present can light the paths of the future.” Written by Jon Meacham, The New York Times

An interesting read…

How I Broke the Cycle of Stress
We could all use a little less stress in our lives lately 😉 Here’s a short piece published in Scientific American that I found intriguing on this front.

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Written by Claire Lew

CEO of Canopy. My mission in life is to help people become happier at work. Say hi to me on Twitter at @clairejlew.