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From The Heartbeat Podcast: Interview with Kathryn Minshew, Founder and CEO of The Muse

Kathryn Minshew is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Muse, a company that helps over 75 million people around the world find jobs and get career advice. In our interview, she shares the importance of trusting your gut, developing that instinct, and her framework for decision-making.

Transcript of the interview is here.

Latest reads

The Best Bosses Are Humble Bosses
“Teams with humble leaders performed better and did higher-quality work than teams whose leaders exhibited less humility… The performance gains held up independently of how much team leaders exhibited other positive leadership qualities unrelated to humility.”Written by Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal

Help Your Team Do More Without Burning Out
“Sustainable speed is achievable only if the team propels itself without your presence. Jim Collins wrote that great leaders don’t waste time telling time, they build clocks.”Written by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, Harvard Business Review

Making Change Contagious
“Centola says there are two kinds of contagions: Simple contagions that spread effortlessly, such as the measles or the news about your company’s latest quarterly earnings, and complex contagions that don’t spread so easily, such as investing in bitcoins or using a new form of birth control.”Written by Theodore Kinni, strategy+business

Three Ways to Lead More Effective Teams
“The problem, Greer notes, is the existence of a hierarchy; somebody inevitably must lead. The problem is in the inflexibility with which most people impose a hierarchy. Greer advocates instead for ‘hierarchical agility — the ability of a team to flex its hierarchy throughout the day so that sometimes the group is flat and sometimes it follows the line.’”Written by Dylan Walsh, Insights by Standford Business

Favorite reads

How showing vulnerability helps build a stronger team
“That moment of vulnerability did not reduce their willingness to cooperate but boosted it. The inverse was also true: Increasing people’s sense of power — tweaking a situation to make them feel more invulnerable — dramatically diminished their willingness to cooperate.”Written by Daniel Coyle

The hidden value of organizational health—and how to capture it
“We found that the linkage between health and performance, at both the corporate and subunit level, is much clearer and much larger than we had previously thought.”Written by Aaron De Smet, Bill Schaninger, and Matthew Smith, McKinsey Quarterly

Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit
“How do you know if a rule is dumb? Ask yourself who needs it. If it’s directed primarily at the people you wish you hadn’t hired, it’s probably a dumb rule.”Written by Lolly Daskal

Just for fun

Overlooked No More: Melitta Bentz, Who Invented the Coffee Filter
Really enjoying this NYTimes series of doubly posthumous obituaries of extraordinary women.

Written by Claire Lew

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