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Announcing: A Guide to One-on-One Meetings for Managers and Employees

Based on data from 2,000+ people, I wrote a guide to one-on-one meetings for managers and employees — and it’s finally live! 🙂

Dear manager or employee who cares about their team’s success,

You hold one-on-one meetings. But are they working?

Over the past four years, I noticed how almost every person I talked to did not know the answer to that question. They held one-on-ones — but felt in the dark if their one-on-ones could be run better (or, if they were working at all).

So I surveyed hundreds of managers and employees. I spoke and wrote to hundreds of Know Your Team customers and Watercooler members. And from the data, insights, and conversations, I put together two guides: One for managers, one for employees.

In these guides, you’ll learn…

  • The purpose of one-on-one meetings: What’s the point?
  • How long, how often, and with who to hold one-on-ones with
  • How to prepare for a one-on-one meeting
  • The best 8 questions to ask during a one-on-one
  • What to put on your one-on-one meeting agenda (with 4 agenda templates)
  • How to get honest insights from your one-on-one
  • Best practices for writing notes during a one-on-one meeting
A lil’ preview inside the guides

Here’s what people have been already saying so far…

“It’s gold! The guides provide clear, consistent and actionable steps to make 1:1s…dare I say fun? Claire dives right into the meat of how to remove the “awkward” from what should be a success driver for everyone.” — Morgan Legge, HR Champion at Convert

“My direct reports are already telling me our 1:1s are much better after using these templates! Thank you!” — Matt Born, Product Design Manager at Sprout Social

“The information is succinct, fresh and without fluff.” — Ali Merchant, Founder at Marin Software

“An evergreen, relevant guide that focuses on the essentials and immediate results. I’ll be sure to put some of Claire’s advices into practice on my next one-on-one!” — Éric Leblond, Vice President at Sigmund

“Claire and her Know Your Company colleagues continue to exceed my elevated expectations and these latest one-to-one meeting guides keep that streak going. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (okay, that’s hyperbole) and you’ll be incredibly grateful that somebody took the time to do this work and share it.” — Paul Kanarek, Managing Partner at Collegewise

“I loved this. Thanks so much for distilling this info into such an easy to use guide — it’s an instabuy!” — Brady Kent

“Claire’s guide to one-on-one’s for managers came just at the right time for me — her suggestions helped me to get the most out of the meeting.” — Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director at Softwire

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Written by Claire Lew

CEO of Canopy. My mission in life is to help people become happier at work. Say hi to me on Twitter at @clairejlew.