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From The Heartbeat Podcast: Interview with Rob Walling, Founder of Drip + MicroConf

Rob Walling is the Founder of Drip, an email automation platform (which we actually use to send thisnewsletter!). A serial entrepreneur who has published books, runs MicroConf, and hosts a podcast, Rob shares the importance of deliberate hiring, and focusing on trust instead of loyalty in teams.

Transcript of the interview is here.

Latest reads

Optimism and Trust on the CEO’s Mind
“For seven consecutive years, PwC’s CEO Survey has asked chief executives: ‘Do you believe global economic growth will improve, stay the same, or decline over the next six months?’ The 2018 responses showed both the highest percentage of CEOs predicting improvement and the greatest increase in that percentage since one year earlier.”Written by Art Kleiner, strategy+business

Debiasing the corporation: An interview with Nobel laureate Richard Thaler
“I think strong leaders, who are self-confident and secure, who are comfortable in their skin and their place, will welcome alternative points of view. The insecure ones won’t, and it’s a recipe for disaster.”Written by Bill Javetski and Tim Koller, McKinsey Quarterly

Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?
“Several researchers in organizational psychology who have had a similar experience with this exercise decided to investigate further. How might holding unconscious assumptions about gender affect people’s abilities to recognize emerging leadership?”Written by Heather Murphy, New York Times

The Power of Listening in Helping People Change
“We found that speakers paired with good listeners (versus those paired with distracted listeners) felt less anxious, more self-aware, and reported higher clarity about their attitudes on the topics. Speakers paired with undistracted listeners also reported wanting to share their attitude with other people more compared with speakers paired with distracted listeners.”Written by Guy Itzchakov and Avraham N. (Avi) Kluger, Harvard Business Review

Favorite reads

Power Causes Brain Damage
“He found that power, in fact, impairs a specific neural process, ‘mirroring,’ that may be a cornerstone of empathy. Which gives a neurological basis to what Keltner has termed the ‘power paradox’: Once we have power, we lose some of the capacities we needed to gain it in the first place.”Written by Jerry Eseem, The Atlantic

How To Deal With A Passive-Aggressive Coworker
“While passive-aggressive behavior is an unhealthy way of handling conflict, you don’t have to follow suit. Instead, take a deep breath and think about how you can model healthy conflict management.”Written by Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company

What Your Workplace Wellness Programs Are Missing
“The overwhelming majority of well-being programs are focused on physical wellness, but few dedicate time or energy to other key elements of employee well-being. This leaves a substantial gap between what workplaces currently gain from their well-being programs and the gains they could achieve if they broadened their approach, new Gallup research shows.”Written by by Dan Witters and Sangeeta Agrawal, Gallup

Just for fun

If the Angry Could Hear What the Calm Do Not Say
Lovely piece by Bryan Caplan

Written by Claire Lew

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