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From The Heartbeat Podcast: Interview with Dan Mall, Founder of SuperFriendly + CEO of SuperBooked

Dan Mall is the Founder of SuperFriendly, a design consultancy collaborative that has worked with clients like Apple, ESPN, and Time Magazine. He is also the CEO of SuperBooked, and has written a book on Pricing Design. In our 12 minute interview, Dan shares his biggest lessons learned on how to bring a team together successfully, and the idea of “servant leadership”.

Transcript of the interview is here.

Latest reads

How to Be Friends with Someone Who Works for You
“Can you be friends with someone who works for you, especially when your role requires you to harbor secrets from them?”Written by Sabina Nawaz, Harvard Business Review

How to Harness Employees’ Emotional Energy
“Emotional energy drives employees to go above and beyond, regardless of external incentives such as compensation and benefits.”Written by Alice Zhou, strategy+business

Start Together. Finish Together.
“The longer we let ideas and plans stew, the more we fall in love with our pet-solutions, and perspectives.”Written by John Cutler, Hackernoon

Apple, Google CEOs demonstrate true leadership with this simple, free action
“According to a 2013 survey from jobs website Glassdoor, more than half of respondents say they would stay longer at a company if they felt they were more appreciated by their boss”Written by Catherine Clifford, CNBC

Favorite reads

How Managers Can Excel by Really Coaching Their Employees
“Managers must take ownership of their employees’ development and think of themselves in a new way: as a coach, not a boss.”Written by Ben Wigert and Annamarie Mann, Gallup

The Most Important Skill for Great Leaders? Trustworthiness.
“When your team doesn’t trust you, you don’t get their best effort.”Written by Heidi Grant Halvorson, 99U

The yin and yang of organizational health
“Simply put, healthy organizations are more likely to orient themselves toward the long term. ”Written by Lili Duan, Rajesh Krishnan, and Brooke Weddle, McKinsey Quarterly

Mike O’Neill Wants You to Put Away Your Phone
“It’s like sitting on that lifeguard stand. You could focus for an hour. The internet is very intrusive in that way. I used to sit in meetings and see people on their phones and wonder, ‘Why are you here?’”Written by Adam Bryant, NYTimes Corner Office

Just for fun

Love Map
My good friend Victor Saad put something together as a starting point if love and relationships seem overly complicated.

Written by Claire Lew

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