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Category: Leadership

Watercooler Hangout #1 Transcript 💧🗒

A chance to connect with Watercooler members more closely, and learn from each others’ experiences. During this hangout on November 8th, we hosted: Andrew Montelenti, CTO at Parse.ly Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company Jonathan McCormick, Director at Rosseau, Ltd. Morgan Legge, Operations at Convert.com Prabodh Kumar, Head of Engineering at Recruiterbox.com Robert Williams,…

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To be a good manager: 8 ways to avoid your opinion swaying your team too much

A good manager knows their opinion can influence their team sometimes TOO much. Here’s how to compensate for that. When you’re a manager, something interesting happens: You mention an idea off-hand, and all of sudden, it becomes a priority. You casually ask a question out of curiosity, and all of sudden, everyone scrambles ASAP to get…

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4 non-cringeworthy team-bonding events that people actually enjoy

Here’s what 1,000 managers in The Watercooler said their employees enjoyed most as a team-building activity. Team bonding — known to some as “forced fun” — can bring feelings of dread and resentment to many employees. And who can blame them? When thinking of team bonding, many people picture awkward trust falls or hours spent with a facilitator asking…

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