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New in KYC: Follow-ups ↩️

When it comes to getting honest feedback, I’ve always believed that asking questions are only half the battle. You can’t just ask for feedback — you’ve got to follow-up and act on that feedback. That’s why people are giving you the feedback in the first place: They want you to do something with it.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re required to implement every single piece of feedback you receive, of course — but it does mean communicating progress that’s being made.

So, we built a feature called “Follow-ups” — a company-wide note you can send to everyone on your team to follow-up on the feedback you’re receiving through Know Your Company. After everyone has responded to a question, you can now update folks on what decisions you’ve made, lessons learned, or thank them in front of the company for giving their input. More than anything, this shows that you’re truly listening.

Here’s how it works:

When you login to your Know Your Company timeline, you can now follow-up to any question that has responses:

You can also follow-up by clicking the link directly in the email summary:

Here’s what it looks like to write your follow-up note:

Then, it’ll get sent to everyone on your team via email. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

That’s it! We also give you some handy tips there inline, as well as some more comprehensive best practices for how to follow-up here.

Many of you probably have already been following-up with your Know Your Company responses outside the app — which is great! Our hope, now with this feature, is that we make it easier for you to do. You don’t need to open up your email and draft something completely separate. It’s all there, together, and accessible for you to fire off a follow-up after reading all the responses.

A little less friction, and a little time saved.

See for yourself, and give“Follow-ups” a spin. Would love to know what you think!

Give follow-ups a spin for yourself, and signup for a free two-week trial of Know Your Company today. Or check out some of our other resources…

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Written by Claire Lew

CEO of Canopy. My mission in life is to help people become happier at work. Say hi to me on Twitter at @clairejlew.