Tip: What’s the most I can do?

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What’s the most I can do?

As leaders, we worry. Sometimes it’s that we want something to turn out a certain way, so we start to feel overwhelmed and worried when we don’t believe we can influence the outcome.

Here’s the funny thing, though: We have more control than we think. We can control ourselves — our actions, reactions, decisions, and beliefs.

What we can’t control are other people and external events. And if that’s the case, well, why bother worrying about them?

Let’s choose to focus on the former: The things we can control.

To do this, a helpful question we can ask ourselves is, “What’s the most I can do with what I have right now?”

This question re-focuses our energy on what we are in control of and helps us build confidence in the steps we can take.

Instead of idling in indecision and mulling over every possible path or course of action, lead with confidence by asking yourself “What’s the most I can do with what I have right now?”

Claire Lew

CEO of Canopy

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