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Canopy for Teams is our leadership training program for high-growth organizations looking to develop and support their managers at scale.

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A modern solution for your modern workplace.

Our unique blend of custom live training PLUS ongoing just-in-time learning gives leaders the social learning and interaction they’re looking for, while fitting into their busy schedule.

Pre-Launch →
Leadership Skills Assessment

Gage your leaders’ skillsets to inform customization and track progress over time.

Q1 →
Q2 →
Custom Live Trainings

Foster peer-to-peer learning and shared frameworks, customized to your organization. Example topics: Leadership Fundamentals, Feedback, Coaching, Performance Management, Effective Communication.

Q3 →
Q4 →
Continuous Development + Coaching

Access our on-demand platform with 120+ bite-sized lessons, cheatsheets, coaching, and new content added every 90 days.

Post-Launch →
Leadership Skills Assessment Redeployment

Compare skillset growth and measure ROI of program. Make adjustments as new managers are onboarded.

Bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing.”

Our unique blend of custom live training PLUS on-demand platform enables managers immediately apply what they learn, continuously. Beyond traditional “one-and-done” training.

“It’s perfect. It’s snackable, it’s bite size. It’s really easy and quick to consume.”

Derek Lakin, VP of Engineering at Tarabut

Develop nuanced, critical skills for fast-moving companies.

Your leaders have limited time, so we focus on the most urgent skills for fast-moving teams. Decades of research distilled. Only the most relevant, actionable learnings.

“The Canopy content is SO good. Honestly, I wouldn’t spend the time that I do in it (hours!) or ask my leaders to spend time in it otherwise.”

Jen Randall, Founder and CEO at Maestro

Track progress + program ROI continually.

Deeply understand your managers’ strengths and opportunities with our Skills Assessment. Gain insight into learning progress, and gather data to show program ROI.

“This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my professional development.”

Caro Griffin, General Manager at Tech Ladies

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How to Fire a Team Member
5 lessons
Inclusive Leadership
4 lessons
Managing a High-Growth Team
4 lessons

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Chelsea Todd
Manager of Customer Support Operations at BetterUp

“Every event feels like a must-attend one.”

Mihai Fonoage
VP Engineering at Modernizing Medicine

“The best training they’ve ever attended… and super actionable.”

Emily Allen
VP of People at SEER Interactive

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