Know Your Team is now Canopy 🌱

New brand, new product — and what’s coming.

Claire here, CEO of Canopy (formerly Know Your Team). I’ve got some big news…

Starting today, Know Your Team is Canopy.

This is the biggest change we’ve made to our company since we first got our start a decade ago.

Along with our rebrand, we have a new product with a free plan to boot! 🎉

Why we’re rebranding

We’ve thought about doing a rebrand for years.

When we first got our start ten years ago, originally as a spin-off of Basecamp, we inherited the name “Know Your Company.” A few years after that, we became “Know Your Team” to reflect that we worked with teams, not just companies. During this time, we were focused on helping leaders get to know their team better — so the name made sense.

However, a decade later, our focus has expanded. Our focus is leadership training: We’ve helped train tens of thousands of managers over the years. We enable leadership growth — not just helping you get to know your team better.

As a result, “Know Your Team” doesn’t quite fit anymore…

(Not to mention, “Know Your Team” is long and a mouthful, admittedly — most call us KYT anyway! 😆)

Why we chose “Canopy”

When we were looking for a new name, we wanted to better connect with the core of what we do…

We create an environment for leaders to feel supported and to grow.

And so, we landed on Canopy.

An environment that encourages development and progress.

A place that feels friendly, safe, and helpful.

Something more encompassing. Something shorter. Something simple. Something that better reflects our offerings and brand today.

Here’s a look at our new logo:

A behind-the-scenes tidbit: We envisioned looking up at a tree canopy for the logo. A feeling of calm, support, and growth.

Our latest product: Canopy

With our rebrand comes the newest version of our product as well…

Introducing Canopy: Our leadership improvement app that gives you daily quick tips — plus deeper coaching and learning for more complex leadership challenges, when you need it.

Canopy is a lightweight, thoughtful way to become the leader you’ve always wanted to work for.

You can download our Canopy iOS App in the App Store.

We also offer a free plan: We believe leadership growth shouldn’t be only accessible to those who can foot the bill.

If you are in a leadership role I highly recommend you sign-up for Canopy’s free plan.

Here’s a walkthrough of our product.

What’s around the corner: AI Assistant

Becoming Canopy is only the beginning.

More product improvements, more fresh content, more live events, are all in the works…

The biggest development is our upcoming Canopy AI Assistant.

Imagine you could have the Canopy team on speed dial… That’s our Canopy AI Assistant. If you'd like to be among the first to test it out, join the AI Assistant waitlist.

To get updates on all things new with Canopy, sign-up for our newsletter here.

I’d love to hear from you.

Reactions to our new name? Thoughts on our new product?

Sign-up for Canopy here, and let me know what you think. (My new Canopy email address is

We’re honored, ten years in, to have the opportunity to change and evolve…

Thank you for following and supporting us each step of the way.

To our next chapter, as Canopy! 🌱

Claire Lew
CEO at Canopy